Stencil for the graphic image of the film festival Salut, Drets, Acció.

Vicc Jam 2016
25 years later in an attempt to promote Catalan culture, The Viccc Jam project was created, led by the Vic town hall and the Montana Colors Department of Culture. In this case, the explosion was one of creativity, color, happiness, and enthusiasm. It acted as a “karmic” cleansing of a place that in the future will be where the town library is located."
Sinestèsia Music&Graffiti project.

Miquel Martí i Pol graffiti
Outdoor decoration of "El cafè de l'Orfeó" bar with graffiti artists Bisual and Miles Elah. The idea was to represent different urban people, different customers, different cultures who meet together in the bar.

This Sunday in "l'Abaceria Central" market in Gràcia district (Barcelona), graffiti meeting with 71 writers. We're painting the market blinds! See you there! Organized by Enrolla't
Thanks Eterno to invite us!!! ;)

Trash Food
Logo design
Graphic identity for "Da Bridge is Over" graffiti meeting

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Hi! i'm Bazak, freelance graphic designer, digital Illustrator, graffiti artist and art toy maker based in Barcelona.


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