NewTownClub graphic identity.
Logotype design for a Ester Alsina, psychopedagogue and teacher.

VICENS SPORT product design, a line of healthy, natural, organic, performance-beneficial nougat, made with product of proximity and based on the tradition of the Mediterranean diet. Special nougat for athletes
Stencil for the graphic image of the film festival Salut, Drets, Acció.

Stand design.
Yorokobu Magazine. Cover proposal.

3D stand designs of Viefe® for different trade fairs.
Typography character design made from the letter "*". This project took part in VICCC 2016, Capital of the Catalan Culture.

This artwork was part of the Art Exhibition: “JAPANESE HORROR STORY [Off Horror and Fantasy Film Festival from San Sebastián]”within the space of Tabakalera - Centre for Culture and Contemporary Art located in the city of Donosti/San Sebastian – Spain. The toy is focused on the Japanese Kaiju aesthetic. The idea was to reproduce a classic Japanese Monster dioram. This piece represent the arrival of a mutant monster to the coasts of San Sebastián, concretely to "El Peine del Viento"....
Head illustration for The International Festival TOUR 2016, of the Design & Communication Area of INACAP. That year the festival was focused on Digital illustration. This festival runs through Chile celebrating the "Design Month", with the best national and international designers and illustrators by different cities. The initiative seeks to connect the country with international trends in design and communication, with activities open to the community and free.

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Hi! i'm Bazak, freelance graphic designer, digital Illustrator, graffiti artist and art toy maker based in Barcelona.


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Tainer Boy-Paper Toy