Fried Egggon - Kaiju Fried Egg Resin toy

Poster Fried Egggon
Poster artwork
Fried Egggon resin toy

All the Fried Egggons are 100% handmade in a poliurethane resin.

Size: 3,1" - 8cm

Limited edition: 10 pieces

Packaging Fried Egggon

Fried Egggon Black version - ToysRevil's Black Friday Special Edition

Black Fried Egggon
Packaging Black Fried Egggon

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Fried Egggon - Kaiju Fried Egg (Sold Out)
They came from a bizarre parallel universe to terrorize the world...   Limited edition: 10 pieces Size: 3.1" - 8cm Material: Resin 100% handmade You can order a maximum of 3 x Fried Egggons!. Shippi ... (Read More)
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