CE Contest II Experience in Bangkok!

CE Contest II

The Contest

CE Contest II

The aim of CE Design Contest II is to encourage cooperation between Thai and international designers in the creation and development of their designs for lifestyle products, and the challenge for the contestants is to submit 1 set design with 3 products (1. CE Toy, 2. CE Toy Blister Package and 3. T Shirt Screen)


Entries are invited for the CE contest II in which 100 designers, picked from all Submissions by Judge Panel, will have the opportunity to bring their set design live with their creative graphic designs.

CE Contest II: The Final Battle


The judges’ panel will select 10 finalists, five Thai and five international, from the initial 100 entries and invite them to form five teams with two members, one Thai and one international. These five teams will join the CE Final Battle, a live competition to create one product set on the battle day.


The teams will also create one of five lifestyle products and enhance their value by adding their own design. The packaging will contain the chosen product and the CE figurine and will be presented as a Special Edition complete set.

My Experience in photos

Bazak and Waw team
Bazak and Waw

I want to thank all the people in Bangkok who took care of us in a very friendly manner! in particular Mr. Napat Phromphruk , Mafia Factory Crew and TABUN studio.


I would also like to thank in particular Pichet "WAW" (my team partner) and all the participants in CE Contest II and especially Quiccs, Dodo, Brizl, Satoshi, Nhat... a big hug!



Hi! i'm Bazak, freelance graphic designer, digital Illustrator, graffiti artist and art toy maker based in Barcelona.



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