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Kinkiking says:


"We are an independent and cosmopolitan brand of t-shirts and accessories that serves us to show our graphic vision of different situations, characters and curiosities that surround us on our everyday life. Of course, we do all that with a lot of sense of humor.

On our online store you will find all kinds of designs, concepts and crazy stuff that we manufacture in the KinkiFactory headquarters, which are in Vic, a small city close to Barcelona. Thanks to this project all the stuff we proudly create will see the light and not fall into oblivion until the end of the world.

Kinkiking also serves us as an artistic way to express ourselves, as a creative machinery to renew the design scene and as a place to expose an alternative side of our designs."




Kinkiking stencil, business cards, t-shirt label, promotional bages and shipping packaging.



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